Secure your work with Stratus IT

With over 20 years of experience with multiple business types, multiple networking infrastructures, and multiple 3rd party software vendors. We have you covered.

Why are we different?

Our employees work on a simple principle, and aren’t micromanaged. We do whats right for the client and provide the correct solutions for your issues. You don’t have to go through levels upon levels of support to get issues resolved. Absolutely No “I can’t fix your issue because there is no ticket for this problem” At Stratus our focus is on clients, not bureaucracy.

Has your company been advised to move to the cloud, and you would like a second opinion before doing so? If you are in the cloud, what happens to your data if your IT company goes under or you want to change vendors? Do you need a better answer than “don’t worry about it”?

There are many IT providers that will try and push companies into the cloud for their own benefit. Contact Stratus to find out if the cloud is TRULY the right fit for your business.

Simplify data safety and reliability.

Built on everything we have learned from the Information Technology industry, Stratus IT is a fresh look that goes beyond the office to help you get back to what matters.