Secure your work with Stratus IT

How much do internet security threats and internet downtime cost your business, even just for one day?

Stratus provides cost analysis for internet downtime to customize an effective solution for your business.

Utilizing preemptive software and hardware solutions, Stratus has you covered.

At Stratus we can proactively PREVENT these type of ransomware attacks that are becoming more common. These type of attacks are responsible for taking down banking, commerce, and forcing nuclear power plants to go on manual operation.

What is your IT company doing to prevent these attacks?
Regular antivirus software and firewalls don’t provide adequate protection.

Click to read the Cnet article on Ransomware attacks

Simplify data safety and reliability.

Built on everything we have learned from the Information Technology industry, Stratus IT is a fresh look that goes beyond the office to help you get back to what matters.